Educational Information

As quality care providers, we offer some educational information to help you become a better pet owner. Feel free to browse the information, and if you have any questions or concerns – feel free to contact us at (607) 391-7055.

Insurance What to consider before purchasing pet insurance

What You Should Know About Feline Sarcoma

How to Puppy and Kitten Proof Your House

Reducing the Risks of Parasites: Keeping Your Pets and Your Family Healthy

What You Need to Know About Ticks, Lyme Disease and Lyme Vaccination in Dogs NEW AND UPDATED!

Animal Poison Control Website  What to do if your dog or cat ingests a possible poison

Pet Health Library-A VIN Site  A great website for specific disease information-also information on behavior issues.

Florida Veterinary Behavior Service A website that has lots of good behavior information for both dogs and cats.  Information on preventative care and testing for your dog or cat Good info all about ticks!!

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